Quantified Self, also known as ‘Lifelogging’, is the use of technology to capture, measure, track and analyse data from a person’s daily life. The types of data that can be captured are infinite, and the data collected are unique to an individual. It could include environmental data to understand ideal temperatures for personal comfort, one’s daily calorie intake, duration of gym workouts, or the number of attempts it took to learn a new process.

Tracking enables us to understand such things as why we gain weight, how we learn, what irritates us and what makes us happy. This leads to greater self-awareness, which can spur us to improve upon the shortcomings. Instead of tracking data with pen and paper and journal entries, technology has now rendered tracking metrics simpler and automatic. The Quantified Self tools continue to grow — from straightforward software and mobile apps to devices such as Wearables that are continuously worn by the user.

Wearable technology or wearable devices refer to computers or electronic devices embedded into items / accessories worn. Wearable technology is a part of the emerging trend known as the Internet of things (IoT). They are embedded into items that attach to the body, such as a user’s head, feet, arms, wrists and waist. They can resemble a watch, eyeglasses, clothing, contact lenses, shoes or even jewellery.

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