Infrastructure plays a very important role in the development of a nation. A country with good infrastructure can grow in a faster way. The infrastructure sector includes roads, buildings, power, dams and bridges, and this sector works as a stimulator for the growth of a country. The availability of quality infrastructure guarantees an increase in production, productivity and supply. Infrastructure also provides an environment favourable to investment.

The process of growth becomes exponential in the presence of sufficient infrastructure facilities. Good infrastructure is required for the social growth as well as the economic growth of a country. Here social growth means schools, colleges, hospitals etc., will be constructed, and it will develop or produce capable human resources that can contribute to the growth of the country. Economic growth means that if our infrastructure is good, investors will invest in our economy, and it will create employment for the people of India and helps the growth of the country.

In India, population growth and economic development require improved infrastructure, including investment in roads, railways, aviation and shipping. According to Economic Survey 2017-18, India will need an investment of $4.5 trillion by 2040 for the development of its infrastructure. In FY 2021, more than 3 trillion Indian rupees of infrastructure investment went into the manufacturing sector across India. The amount invested in the construction and maintenance of the road is 2.2 trillion Indian rupees. As a part of NIP (National Infrastructure Pipelines), the government is increasing its infrastructure investment. Besides NIP in Union Budget 2023-24, the government came up with the following initiatives to boost the infrastructure of the country:


Budget 2023 gives a powerful thrust to infrastructure development. Infrastructure development and investment will not only improve connectivity but also create jobs. India is expected to be one of the largest economies in the world by 2047, with a GDP of about USD 35-40 trillion from about USD 3.5 trillion in 2022. The government of India has a range of projects to improve infrastructure in the country. Some of the important projects are listed below, and Figure 1 shows sector-wise investment in the infrastructure facilities for FY 2021.


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