January 2013

Transit Path for Indian Economy: Six Steps for Transformimg The Elephant into a Tiger
Dr K C Chakrabarty

Profitably Capturing the Rural Market
Sooraj T Malayil

Digitising Retail Payments
Iqbal Mehmood

Challenges to Industrial Growth
B L Chandak

Compliance in Banking: An Overview
Prakash Jain

Achieving Step Change in Productivitiy
Roopchand C R

February 2013

Towards Cashless and Paperless Banking in India
Dr S C Bihari

Is Super Regulator for Indian Financial Market Required?
Dr Narinder Kumar Bhasin

Corporate Bond Market in India: Issues and Actions
Ravi Kant

International Bank Account Number (IBAN)
Manish Jain

Consolidation of Banks: Boon or Bane?
N S N Reddy

Non Interest Income: Its Importance and Ways to Increase it
Priyanka Deepak Naik

Changing Landscape of Banking in India
Prof Vinay Kumar Dutta & Dr Kanhaiya Singh

Insurance Inclusion: Need of the Hour
Nidhi Choudhari

Preventing Frauds in Property Loans: Two Most Wanted Reforms
Sandeep Bhardwaj

March 2013

Financial Literacy: What, Why, Who and How?
Dr K C Chakrabarty

Affordable Housing Finance
Dr T C G Namboodiri

Managing Gen Y in Public Sector Banks
Vijay Prakash Srivastava

Improving Staff Productivity in Public Sector Banks
Shomi Srivastava

CASA Deposits: Recent Trends and Observations
M R Das

Is Ring Fencing Retail Banks an Option for Stability?
Dr Vighneswara Swamy

A Focus on Sale Certificates
D S Rajendran

Non Performing Assets
P T S Murthy

April 2013

New Bank Licences: A well thought-out strategic move
Dr K Srinivasa Rao

Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme (RGESS): The New Tax Saving Tool
Dev Raj

Defining the Next Frontier in Wholesale Banking
C Sankaranarayanan

Liquidity Drainage, Credit Imbalances & Growing NPAs
B L Chandak

eBRC: A Step by DGFT towards paperless banking
Gaurav Jajodia

Banking in Future: Role of Innovations
Dr Sharad Khandelwal

Financial Inclusion: Fostering Sustainable Economic Growth in India
Dr A N Sarkar

Creating a Learning Plan in the Organisation: The 70:20:10 Model
Roopchand C R

May 2013

India’s Macroeconomic challenges: The RBI Perspective
Dr D Subbarao

Treasury Operations in Indian Banks: Challenges in Operational Risk Management
Arya Kumar & Akhilesh Tripathi

Financial Inclusion Part-II: Fostering Sustainable Economic Growth in India
Dr A N Sarkar

Management of Interest Rate Risk in Indian Banking
Dr Vighneswara Swamy

Multi Factor Authentication
Banambar Sahoo

Technology in Banking: The New S-Curve
Dr Narinder Kumar Bhasin

Mutual Funds: A Primer
N D Kundu

Maturity Pattern of Assets and Liabilities of PSBs: An Empirical Investigation
M R Das

June 2013

National Automated Clearing House: The Latest Indian Payment System Initiative
M Balakrishnan

Gearing Up for Direct Benefits Transfer: Triple Bottom Line for Community, Government and Banks
R Devaprakash

Infrastructure Debt funds
Dr T C G Namboodiri

Mortgage Guarantee: A New Concept in India
Amitava Mehra

Infrastructure Financing: Challenges of Restructuring
Dr Vikas Srivastava & Dr V S Kaveri

Sound Corporate Governance in Banks: How to Ensure?
Atul Mehrotra

July 2013

Finance Minister’s Address at IBA  AGM

Promoting Gross Domestic Savings: Role of Banks
Dr K Srinivasa Rao

What, Why and How of Inflation Indexed Bonds
Dev Raj

FSLRC and Monetary Policy
M R Das

Money Market in India: Issues and Challenges
Dr S C bihari

Estimation of Systemic Risk
Dr Vighneswara Swamy

Technology and E-payments System in India
Neeraj Dubey

ACH Frauds: Lessons for Indian Banks
G Chandrashekar

August 2013

Global Financial Crisis and Indian Financial Sector: Lessons Learnt and Policy Responses
Dr D Subbarao

Rupee Dollar Dynamics
N S N Reddy

Should Banks Revisit Their Customer Retention Strategy?
R S Pillai & S Sridhar

Rating Problem Loans: A Tool for Managing NPAs
Dr J P Joshipura

Current Account Deficit: Impact of Increasing Gold Imports
Dr K S Rao

Service Tax on Financial Activities: Various Facets
Dr Sanjiv Agarwal

Imminent HR Crisis in Banking Industry: Role of Educational Institutions
R C Bhatnagar

Micro Insurance: Concept, Performance & Challenges
Nidhi Choudhari

बैंकिंग प्रतिबध्धता कोड: शाखाओं में अनुपालन की स्थिति
डा. सुबोध कुमार तथा राजपाल सिंह राव

बैंकिंग कारोबार और विपणन
विजय प्रकाश श्रीवास्तव

शैक्षिक ऋण:  चुनौतियाँ एवं समाधान
राजेंद्र सिंह

September 2013

New Banks and Big Banks: Challenges and Opportunities
Dr Narinder Kumar Bhasin

Credit Default Swaps
Dr Balram Choubey

Imported Bullions or Indexed Bonds?
Manish Jain

Bankers’ Perspective on SME Lending: Recognising and Removing Roadblocks
Dr Ram Jass Yadav

Risk Management: Learning from Past Failures
A V Moorthy

Indian Banking Service: The Next Step for Creating Leaders in Banks
Dr J Sethuraman

एसएचजी-बैंक लिंकेज योजना के दो दशक

सकारात्मक सोच: महत्व एवं उपादेयता
संतोष श्रीवास्तव

October 2013

Infrastructure Financing by Banks in India: Myths and Realities
Dr K C Chakrabarty

Relevance of Base Rate Mechanism
R S Raghavan

Non Performing Assets
N S N Reddy

Direct Benefit Transfer: Through Banking Sector in India
Dr S C Bihari

Present Economic Crisis: Due to Overplaying of Corporate Sector Investment?
B L Chandak

Urban Cooperative Banks: Past, Present and Future
M R Das

ग्राहक शिकायते – कारण एवं समाधान
निधि चौधरी

निजी क्षेत्र के भारतीय बैंक - अतीत  से वर्तमान तक
डा. जयंती प्रसाद नौटियाल

November 2013

New Banking Licences for Private Sector Banks in India
Dr Brinda Jagirdar

Two Books One Larger Concern: Economic Development and the Imperative of Equitable Growth
Dr Deepali Pant Joshi

Micro Pension in Indian Financial Sector: An Analysis
Nidhi Choudhari

HR and Process Intervention: For Improving Customer Service
Roopchand C R

Liquidity Management in Banks
Dr Vighneswara Swamy

Non Deliverable Forward Contracts: Role in Rupee Depreciation
Ravi Kant

परिचालन में उत्कृष्टता हेतु मानव संसाधन  प्रबंधन
डा. जयंती प्रसाद नौटियाल

ग्राहक केन्द्रित रिटेल बैंकिंग का व्यावसायिक मॉडल
राजेंद्र सिं

December 2013

Finance Minister Inaugurates BANCON 2013

Asset Quality in Indian Banks
Dr K Ramesha

Framework of Digital Cheque: A Prospect in Payment System in India
Dr Rajarshi Pal & V Naveenchandra

Agricultural Insurance in India: Evolution, Progress and Policies
M R Das

Meeting Future Credit Needs of Agriculture
G C Pande & S Priyakumar

Channelizing Mobile Network Operators for Successful financial  Inclusion by Banks
B K Swain

Revival and Rehabilitation of Sick Companies: Under the New Companies Act, 2013
M R Umarji

Company Directors’ Liability
Mamta Shukla

Settlement of Consumer Cases against Banks: By Talking to the Customer
Harshman Sharma

अंतरण वित्‍तपोषण
डी के जैनन

भारतीय बैंकिंग : प्रतियोगिता के पहलू
विजय प्रकाश श्रीवास्तवव

सतर्कता: उत्तम अभिशासन का  अभिन्न अंग
डा. जयंती प्रसाद नौटियालटियाल