January 2012

Financial Regulation: For Growth, Equity and Stability in the Post-Crisis World
Dr D Subbarao

Alternative Delivery Channels: A Toolkit for Effective Marketing
Dr Dhananjay Bapat and Sriram C V

The History of Human Stress: And how they could banish it in Erehwon!
Saleha Ahmed

Transforming Branch Sales and Service Performance
R S Sabu

Depreciating Rupee: Causes, Impact & Remedial Measures
Ravi Kant

Wholesale Banking in India: Opportunity for Growth
Dr K Alamelu & S Sankaramuthukumar

European Sovereign Debt Crisis: Causes & Resolution
Arun K Ghosh

February 2012

A Formidable Triumvirate for Banking
V Ravi, N Prudhvi Raju & S Sridher

Technology Trends in Banking: Journey from Branch to Branchless
Eric Anklesaria

Basel II and Project Finance: Implications for Infrastructure Funding
Dr V S Kaveri and Dr Vikas Srivastava

Talent Crunch in PSBs: Strategies for Acquisitions and Retention
Naipal Singh

Unlocking Financial Services: To Catalyse Economic Growth
D Rama Krishna Reddy

Towards Cashless Society
M V N K Prasad and P Swathi

Industrial Slowdown: An Antidote
B L Chandak

Market for Financial Inclusion: Is there a Business Case?
R Devaprakash

March 2012

Banking in the Next Decade
Dr Brinda Jagirdar

Factoring Regulation Law
M R Umarji

Creating High Performance Culture in Banks
V P Srivastava

Monetary Policy 2011-12: Contextual Significance of Third Quarter Review
Dr Manoranjan Sharma

Sarfaesi Act: Delaying Tactics Used by Borrowers
Ajit Singh Cheema

Agricultural Financing by Public Sector Banks
Dr G K Kalkoti and Dr. Kavita G Kalkoti

Inclusive Leadership
K C Behera

Achieving Excellence via Good Governance
Dr Sanjiv Agarwal

April 2012

Credit Penetration and NPA Management: Role of Information Sharing
Anand Sinha

Deposit Growth Strategy through CASA
V L Deekshitulu and Dr A Kumar

Interest Rate Risk Management in Banks through Derivatives
Ravi Kant

Union Budget 2012-13: Increased Business Opportunities for Banks
Dr K Srinivasa Rao

Vision India Inc. 2020: The Next Decade of Indian Banking
Dr P K Khanna

Maturity of Emerging Forex Markets
V G R Chowdary

HR Challenges: In Old Generation Private Sector Banks

Corporate Finance: Signalling Lesser Capex and More Financialisation
B L Chandak

May 2012

Streamlining Regulatory Architecture: Issues, Concerns and the Way Ahead
Dr Manoranjan Sharma

Validation of Risk Models
R S Raghavan

Compliance Function in Banks
R B Raswalkar

Credit Monitoring in Banks: Effective Strategies
L P Padhy

Employee Lifecycle Approach: To Manage Human Resources in Public Sector Banks
Banambar Sahoo

Technology in Banking: The New S-Curve
Dr Narinder Kumar Bhasin

Mutual Funds: A Primer
S Poongavanam

Polymer Banknotes: A New Era of Currency
Nidhi Choudhari

Disposal of Hypothecated Plant and Machinery is Criminal Breach of Trust
Ajit Singh Cheema

Nominee to Receive Payment on Behalf of Legal Heirs
Ajit Singh Cheema

June 2012

The Currency Conundrum
Radha Shyam Ratho

Liquidity at Risk: Measurement, Management & Regulation
Dr Ashish Srivastava

Basel III for India: Issues and Challenges
Dr Suresh Chandra Bihari

Financial Holding Company Structure for India
Dr Vighneswara Swamy

Revised Schedule VI of Companies Act: How it Impacts Credit Appraisal?
Dr D D Mukherjee

Financial Inclusion: A Model for Experimentation
Dr Kanhaiya Singh & Prof Vinay Dutta

Cloud Computing
S Pandiya Rajan

July 2012

Finance Minister Addresses IBA AGM

Human Resource Management in Banks: Need for a New Perspective
Dr K C Chakrabarty

Revisiting SHG-Bank Linkage Programme
Brij Raj

Top Six Public Sector Banks: Comparative Analysis of Performance in FY 2011-12
Anupam Mehrotra

Regulating Gold Mortgage in India
Nidhi Choudhari

FATCA Compliance
Manish Jain

Green Finance: Bankers’ Corporate Responsibility
V Krishna Moorthy

Recovery under Compromise Settlement does not absolve Criminal Offence
Ajit Singh Cheema

Dishonour of Cheque: Punishment under Negotiable Ace and Indian Penal Code too
Ajit Singh Cheema

August 2012

Agricultural Credit: Accomplishments and Challenges
Dr D Subbarao

Public Trust, Banks and Crises
M R Das

Interpersonal Competence
Dr Deepali Pant Joshi

Corporate Social Responsibility for Sustainable Development
Dr S C Bihari

Measurement of Productivity and Efficiency: A Study of Indian Banking – Part I
Dr Ram Jass Yadav

Cyber Crime: Redress Mechanisms Available to Bank Customers
V Rajendran

September 2012

Dynamic Provisioning Framework: For Loan Assets
K S Sekar

NPAs in Education Loan: An Overview
Dr V S Kaveri

Industrial Growth Issues: Credit System Architecture
B L Chandak

Financial Planning and Wealth Management: Services Offered by Banks in India
Dr Elizabeth James & Ms Smita Roy Trivedi

The LIBOR Story
Ravi Kant

Brainstorming: An Important Management Tool
Vijay Prakash Srivastava

Measurement of Productivity and Efficiency: A Study of Indian Banking – Part-II
Dr Ram Jass Yadav

October 2012

IBA Banking Technology Awards

Innovation in Banking for Future Growth: What the Leaders Think?

Customer Experience and Channel Paradigm in Retail Banking: Emerging Trends
Dr J Sethuraman

Deregulation of SB Interest Rate: Why PSBs Didn’t Increase Rates?
M R Das

Banking on Inclusive Growth
N S N Reddy

Impact of DRTs on Recovery of NPAs
Dr Vasundhara Patil

Financial Crises, Contagion & Regulatory Responses
Dr Ashish Srivastava & Ananya Das

November 2012

Basel III in Global and Indian Context: 10 Key Questions
Dr D Subbarao

Whither Euro-Zone?
Radha Shyam Ratho

Interview of Narendra Singh, CMD, Bank of Maharashtra

Profitability of Commercial Banks: Strategic Differentiators
Dr K Srinivasa Rao

Interview of C V R Rajendran, Then Executive Director, Bank of Maharashtra

Emerging Trends in Performance Management Systems

Innovation in Banking for Future Growth: What the Leaders Think?

Financial Literacy and Inclusion: New Challenges
D T Pai

December 2012

Renewed Thrust on Risk Management: How and Why?
Dr Manoranjan Sharma

Corporate Debt Restructuring in India: The Current Debate
M R Das

Banking on Social Media: CRM in Banks Through Social Networking
Dr Suresh Chandra Bihari

Demystifying Cash Flow Analytics: Evolving Decision Making Parameters for Bank Lending
Dr D D Mukherjee

Capital Optimisation Not Maximisation: Next Milestone
R K Anand

Disruptive Play Through Digital Financial Services
Dr Onkar Nath